Brave By Design.


  1. 1.
    ready to face and endure danger or pain; showing courage.

Bravery takes on a different meaning for everyone, it’s one of those terms that you define on your own. I feel like everyone does something brave every single day.. rather it be walking into a room full of strangers, talking to a stranger, going outside of their comfort zone, starting a new business, running the yellow (OH WAIT IS IT RED?!) light, whatever it is to you, you are brave. Our bravery often defines us, it molds us and creates us, teaches us and sometimes, knocks us on our ass. 

This time however, my definition of brave is defined by my 21 year old Autistic daughter.   She is so brave. There was a time when we wondered if she would ever leave home.. then we thought she would never leave this town or be too far from us. But August 21st she moved. She moved 3 1/2 hours away from us to pursue her dream in Make Up Artistry. We knew she would never really go to college or get some big fancy degree. But here she is.. living on her own 3 1/2 hours from home and going to school full time and being amazing at it! There has been ups and downs, and tears shed, a meltdown or two had don’t get me wrong. Today though, was a victory. She needed a model for class. A friend of mine from HS that lives down there offered to do it so I didn’t have to drive down there. My daughter was so excited and my friend has been texting me all night telling me how amazing Kass was! Telling me how she went there to bless Kass and be a model but left with Kass blessing her more than she could have imagined. How creative Kass was, how fun she was, how she is going to do amazing things one day, how she is “nothing short of amazing” and how other girls in the class complimented the job she did on my friend today. It’s SO amazing to hear from someone else that she’s doing well.
Im sure her apartment is a disaster, her clothes are probably in a pile on the floor and not clean, dishes in her sink and her car is a mess, but she’s doing it, she’s really doing it!! My heart is soaring tonight!  

On a side note, mamma was so excited to decorate the “Cottage” we found for her to live in. Its a studio style apartment in a very small little 5 unit building, with a large garden thats private and only hers. She is in heaven with teals, purples and blues and of course.. mermaid tails.



This #pillowfort rug fit perfectly in this spot!


The “ya ya’s house” sign above the door was a gift from her brothers for Christmas a couple of years ago, when they were little they called her “ya ya”


This was a wall hanging I made a tray for the end of her couch


The “You got this” Hook on the wall from #Magnolia was perfect for her Cottage and this little corner is a great place for all her stuff from school!



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