Turkey Talk

Drunken Turkey

What do you do with a drunken turkey? Well.. You eat it!

With thanksgiving around the corner (already?!) I decided to give you guys my secret for a yummy and juicy turkey, the best white meat you will ever have is in the secret! A family heirloom of my moms.

The secret to a tender & juicy turkey is to get it drunk! (You can also do this with chicken)

You need:

  • Hand towel (non colored)
  • White Wine (I get the big jugs of cheap Rhine stuff)
  • A Fresh Turkey

2 days before: Place your turkey in a roasting pan; (take out any giblets) Pour white wine (about 1 cup) into the cavity of the turkey, place hand towel over turkey and soak with wine. (I use cheap Rhine wine) Refrigerate

Next day: Flip turkey over place same towel over that side of the turkey re-soak towel with wine

Day of cooking: Take out the turkey and cook as you normally do. (Follow timing on package directions)

Enjoy your juicy tender turkey! And have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!