And the Wiener is…

Huge Thanks to Desiree from Of Moms and Monsters for nominating me for this award! I am honored that someone actually even reads my gibberish, much less think it’s inspired!! So read on down the line to find out some things about me you probably didn’t know, and catch onto a new blog to follow!


So, here are the rules:

  1. Display the logo on your blog (CHECK)
  2. Link back to the person who nominated you (CHECK)
  3. State 7 things about yourself (CHECK!)
  4. Nominated 15 other bloggers for the award (Well, 7)
  5. Notify your nominees by linking to their blogs so they get notified by ping-back. (CHECK!)

The fact that you actually want to know 7 things about me is pretty inspiring all in itself! So let’s see what I got for ya!

#1- I am a wife and mom of 4 (5 if you include my husband)  Kassidie (16) Connor (10) Jesse (7) Kelsey (My Angel in Heaven & Kass’s twin) Greg (46)

#2- I am a chef and owner of a Gourmet food company, Called Gourmet Addictions, Inc.- in that food company is 2 DBA’s one being A Gourmet Affair Catering and the other being Salsa Addiction ( I started catering because of my love of feeding people. I am untrained and self taught but successful and damn good! (and it’s the only subject in my life I KNOW Im good at!) I also write reviews and recipe’s for other ventures.

#3- I have pet peeves about peoples laziness, excuses, and shopping carts. Don’t give me an excuse of why you can’t do something, because you can. Don’t tell me your too busy to do something, because I know damn well your not busier than I am (most people anyway!) and for the LOVE of all things holy, walk your shopping cart back to the coral! Don’t leave it in a parking space to blow around playing bumper cars and blocking people from parking there. k thx.

#4- Im a total gamer. I even met my husband (married 11 years) in a game, true story.

#5- I stake the claim of truly having the most amazing people in my life, the most amazing friends, family, and support system, they truly are the best around, you can’t claim it I did! On that note, you also can’t claim having the most awful, ignorant, stupid, drama filled, crazed lunatics in your life either, I claim this as well, go on, do the happy dance, all the lunatics are mine, Ill claim they all wanna be me and are complete stalkers, it’s how I get through my day. *le sigh*

#6- I get frustrated with eating well and working out and never losing weight. I have Blood Clots (DVT) all through my right leg, and even into my lungs (PE) and have major Thyroid issues. I live in a constant state of exhaustion, and pain. Welcome to my hell, again, don’t tell me you “can’t” cuz if I can, so can you.

#7- I’ll leave #7 to you, the reader! Ask me anything, Ill answer honestly, and probably sarcastically 🙂  Ready, set go, what do you wanna know?

Ok a little extra tid bit about me, Im not a big reader, so I do not even follow a ton of blogs, but the ones I do follow, I truly enjoy! Some of the blogs I read I just started reading literally this week or a couple of weeks ago, so I may not list them now but in the future they may be top on my list! 🙂 So picking a few favs 🙂

1) Frugal Feeding a wonderful recipe blog that truly inspires me to create new things! Once, someone told me my food pictures were “too close up” making them look bad, Frugal Feeding takes all of his pics close up, so there! LOL and his pics are awesome, they make me feel like jumping right into the food!

2) Rantings of an Amateur Chef- I love the concept of this blog, he has guest bloggers so that you can cross post helping your blog and his, and it introduces me to new bloggers all the time! Matter of fact, I am a guest blogger coming soon on his blog 🙂 Check him out!

3) Joscelyn’s Journey – I know this blogger personally. HEr blog is truly inspiring giving sometimes a bit of wit and humor to the truly tragic events of the recent years of her life. This blog is inspiring as she journey’s through Princess J’s diagnoses of hemimegalencephaly.

4) Going Dutch – This blog gives me a bit of culture in my un-cultured life. Her adventures in travel, food etc. inspire me to do more traveling, and give me a peek into another land.

5) Of Moms and Monsters Desiree is the one who nominated me for this award, and someone I am lucky enough to know personally, but she truly is a blog I love to read! Many people go through life feeling sorry for themselves, or take their challenges being depressed and always down. Desiree embraces her struggles living with not one but possibly 2 children with Autism. She tackles it with humor and fun! She is a self proclaimed nut case and loves life. Check her out!

6) Domestic Diva MD– With every recipe, there’s a story (usually about a bad date and men with no brain power) but I love reading this witty blog of dating adventures by this hot doctor chick who tends to add a recipe to the mix 🙂

7) Homemade Delish– Great recipe blog, of which I envy her whole page set up, and number of followers, so be one!

Going through the list I found I follow more blogs than I thought! These are probably my top 7 for now though, so be sure to check them out 🙂

Thanks for the award, carry on!



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