So, I have been telling my husband for several months now that I think I might have a wheat allergy. All total 110% honesty, I have no idea, and no basis for this other than my own observations. For starters, ALOT of times when I eat, my belly swells, I look like I’m pregnant, but all in the top of my belly. I know a few people with Celiacs disease that this happens too as well, so I automatically associated my swelling with wheat (lol, ya ya I know, I should be a doctor) to date, I’ve done nothing about my thoughts on this, not even gone to see the doctor (I hate going to the doctor even though mine are AMAZING, but Im there too often as it is) Fast forward to now.. A friend of mine (shout out to Chantal) read a book called Wheat Belly. I have heard of this book before, and, but never really thought past that. Chantal has had tremendous results by using this book as her guide, I’m proud of what she has accomplished. A couple of weeks ago while bored and just exploring some stuff on the internet, I came across a quote by the author of this book that intrigued me, so I ordered the book.

Sure enough on the second page of the introduction this author says EXACTLY what I have been trying to tell people for a few years now but no one seems to pay lil ole me any mind, after all, Im just a self taught, big mouthed Italian chick from a little ole town in Florida.

“You will see that what we are eating, cleverly disguised as a bean muffin or onion ciabatta, is not really wheat at all but the transformed product of genetic research conducted during the latter half of the twentieth century. Modern wheat is no more real wheat than a chimpanzee is an approximation of a human.” William Davis, MD.

In other words, this aint your grandmas wheat! NONE of our food is your grandmas food. Everything is so genetically modified and warped, I often wonder if we could ever get back to our roots. Literally. My husband often says (wisely I might add) “The healthcare problem in the US today has nothing to do with insurance, and everything to do with what we put into our bodies”

So on that note, I am reading Wheat Belly, I am inspired to give it a try and see what it does for me. For my Whacked out thyroid, my blood clots and my many many fat cells. Being the Foodie I am, I really am not sure how deep into this I can dive, but Im diving none the less. Stay tuned!

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2 thoughts on “Inspired.

  1. GReat post Maria. I just started looking into this…love, love, love wheat products so I will have to be resourceful, patient and tolerant….I failed the warm pita bread temptation today alas.

    • Totally understand! I’m not a huge wheat product fan anyway, I don’t eat alot of breads etc. but I have been gearing towards more organics when using wheat products and buying “Gluten free” when I can! I’m not done reading the book but I have a friend who read it and totally cut out all wheat, she has lost a ton of weight!

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