Be Our Guest- Review

Although we have had a sneak peek of Be Our Guest restaurant in the new Fantasy land of Magic Kingdom in Disney World, We were finally getting the chance to eat there, with our reservations on December 21st, 2012.

Walking into the building was beautiful. Between the structure, the statues, the waterfall etc. Well, you are walking into Beasts Castle after all. Disney has always Awe struck me with their attention to detail anyway, but this castle, they outdid themselves!

Entering Beasts Castle for Dinner at Be Our Guest[/caption
Entering Beasts Castle for Dinner at Be Our GuestDSC_0300DSC_0304 DSC_0321 DSC_0326

The main dining room is enormous and is decked out with cherubs painted on the ceilings, beautiful dessert carts, and floor to ceiling windows in the back of the room. Now, we were there when it was dark, so out the windows it was dark, and snowing! As someone who has only seen snow once in her life and that was when it was already melting laying on the ground, I loved watching it snow out of the windows. The restaurant actually has other dining rooms as well, 3 to be exact, all with different decor. One with the beasts portrait that changes throughout your meal. Needless to say their is a lot of seating capacity!


The napkins are folded like roses, another cool attention to detail.

DSC_0384During your meal, every so often they announce your “host” for the evening, Beast! Beast walks around and waves to everyone, saying hello, and being a gracious host, Then goes back into a room where you can get your picture with him. (Belle is not on scene at the restaurant just so your aware when you bring your little princesses)

Let’s talk FOOOOOOD!!! The Kids menu is something that I loved. As a mother of miniature foodies, my kid’s would usually much rather have what’s on the adult menu than the kid’s menu. The Kid’s menu offered things like,  Fish of the Day (Which was Mahi) Grilled Strip Steak, and slow cooked pork. My Sons both being of opposite tastes, one ordered the Mahi and one ordered the steak. Now, I decided to try a bite of each of their dishes.. I have to say the chef, while offering a nice selection for the kids, they were both under seasoned, my 10 year old even mentioned that his needed salt.

For a starter I wanted the Fresh Onion Soup! After all I’m in france! I have to say though, it was to my disappointment. Quiz: What MAKES French Onion Soup? Answer: The Broth! For some reason the chef has chosen to make Vegetarian French Onion Soup. Now, to me.. Your offering a French Menu, I’m supposed to be in france, You already have a vegetarian option on the menu for soup (Potato and Leek) and your giving me French Onion Soup made with vegetable broth?? I don’t get it. It tasted ok, but French Onion Soup it was not.

On to the main meals! My cousin, wanted the Layered Ratatouille which she had gotten there previously, and the chef accommodated her tomato allergy and made it without tomatoes. This time however, the chef (a different chef) came out and told her they could not accommodate her. So  being a vegetarian she ended up eating Soup and Salad.

The other meals ordered were Thyme Scented Pork Rack chop, very tender and tasty and the Au Jus was divine!


Sautee Shrimp and scallops, it came in a pastery and when it first came out, our thought was “Wow that’s not a lot, theres nothing else on the plate” but it proved to be the perfect amount, and it was delicious. The sauce was something I couldn’t put my finger on but it was rich and savory. 

Pan seared Salmon on Leek Fondue.  I could tell the salmon was cooked using a french technique called “arroser” and was cooked perfectly. It just flaked apart as I ate it. Wonderful, but even with this delicious Salmon the star of the dish was the Leek Fondue underneath, something I am determined to re-create. It was smooth and creamy and simply amazing.


After Dinner the dessert cart comes around, and I asked the waitress (quoting a song from the movie) “can I try the grey stuff? I heard its delicious” as we all laughed, she said “sure” and next thing I know! Viola! I have Grey stuff!!! And it WAS Delicious! The pearls on top are like little cookies, and the “grey stuff” is like a Mouse, creamy, and just darn cute!


The other Desserts are really a one person dessert, all we tried were delicious, but this Chocolate was the best!! Again, beautiful to look at and so rich and delicious. DSC_0410

Afterwards, we of course had to go Thank the Beast for our wonderful Meal. DSC_0419All in All I will give Be Our Guest 2 thumbs up. They are still working on some of kinks, there were a few missteps in service and from the kitchen (we were brought someone else’s meal once) and I will never understand the vegetarian French Onion Soup. But everything else from the atmosphere to the food was a great experience and we will certainly be returning!




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