Farm Fresh vs. Store Bought

So we try to buy Farm Fresh eggs when we can but the thing about them is, #1 they are not as easy to find as one would think, or hope. and #2 they are twice the price of store bought eggs. At The Market a few weeks ago Trish from Tomazin farms had eggs! So excited we grabbed some up at $4.00 a dozen.

My husband and I decided we would have a side by side comparison against store bought eggs to see if the Farm Fresh (Free Range and Organic) were really all they were cracked up to be (get it? Cracked up??…. anyway!) We decided to cook the eggs our favorite way, Fried! In just a little bit of real butter.

First thing we noticed is the look of the eggs. Something I have never really thought about but store bought eggs are all the same color, shape and size, they are almost like stepford wives! Completely perfect. The Farm Fresh eggs were different shapes, sizes colors, some speckled some not, totally and uniquely beautiful.

Once we were done examining the eggs we melted a little butter and cracked them open! The Farm fresh eggs had a much thicker shell than the store bought, it took a little more effort to crack them open. Once open and in the pan from first glance one of the noticeable differences was the color of the yolk. The Farm Fresh egg was a much deeper and more beautiful yellow (almost orange!) than the store bought. After cooking them we also noticed (although hard to tell in the pictures) The white of the egg was much more vibrant and white.(Farm Fresh in the pan on the right)

Now it’s time for my favorite part! TASTING!

The Yolk of the Farm Fresh was much richer, more earthy, the flavors much more clear than the store bought. I think the richness of the yolk alone made it worth my wild, you can’t get that kind of flavor from a store bought egg.

Store Bought vs Farm Fresh?

Absolutely Farm Fresh! Plus, Do it for your health! The taste + being all around better for you = Worth every dime.

What’s your take on Farm Fresh Eggs?


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