Make your own “Lunchables”

Lunchables is something I have kind of always gotten for my kids out of a matter of convenience, a treat for them, whatever the case may be for their lunches, but the fact is, they are packed full of crap, preservatives, salt, you name it. Crap.

So in an effort to give my kids that fun lunchable feel, I made my own!Your kids can stack, eat, smoosh, and whatever else they see fit with these homemade lunchables, only you get to control what’s in them. Organic? no tons of salt? No crap.

What you need:

  • Cookie cutters
  • Soft Tortillas
  • Lunch Meat (smoked Turkey in this case)
  • A hard type of cheese (I used provolone)

What you do:

  1. Cut the tortillas, meat(s) and cheese(s) into shapes with the cookie cutters and pack them in your child’s lunch!
  2. I even thought about getting mini bento boxes for this idea, how fun! You can also use the flavored tortillas for color. 
  3. You could just buy crackers for this as well if your child would prefer instead of tortillas.


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