Garlic Confessions

So, let’s talk GARLIC. In my cooking classes I encourage people to use FRESH garlic as opposed to garlic in a jar. We have the debate all the time, the argument is always “it’s easy” “It’s fast” when trying to defend the jarred garlic. MY rebuttal is always “It’s easy” “It’s fast” and guess what “It’s FRESH, TASTIER, BETTER, Wont eat your insides!!”

So why not Jarred Garlic? Well, first let’s examine the fact that it’s minced, pasted, and flavored. It’s been sitting in oil for who knows how long, it’s a petri dish for bacteria, you have no idea where the garlic is grown, how it’s processed, where it’s processed, who grows it, under what conditions, nothing. Now, let’s talk about Phosphoric Acid. This garlic contains this chemical to help with preservation. Check out Phosphoric Acid on Wikipedia but I’ll give you my favorite bits and pieces about this chemical straight from their website.

  • Phosphoric acid may be used as a “rust converter”, by direct application to rusted iron, steel tools, or surfaces.
  • Phosphoric acid, (also used in cola’s) has been linked to lower bone density in epidemiological studies
  • Phosphoric acid is used in dentistry and orthodontics as an etching solution, to clean and roughen the surfaces of teeth where dental appliances or fillings will be placed
  • Phosphoric acid is used as a flux by hobbyists (such as model railroaders) as an aid to soldering.
  • Phosphoric acid is used as a cleaner by construction trades to remove mineral deposits, cementitious smears, and hard water stains
  • Phosphoric acid is also used as a chelant in some household cleaners aimed at similar cleaning tasks.

You can read the whole article yourself if your so inclined, but I think you get the point. No more chemicals people, use FRESH (organic if you can) garlic! If you feel the need to make it more convenient for yourself, one day take 10 minutes of your time, take fresh garlic, mince with a chopper or knife, place in a jar with some olive oil, put it in the fridge and it will keep for approx. 1 week maybe a bit longer. Otherwise, invest in yourself a handy dandy garlic press and do it as you go! But for Heavens sake, throw the jars away!


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