Salsa Addiction Chicken

Ok so as you know, I am the owner and creator of Salsa Addiction.

This Chicken is REALLY popular with people who purchase my salsa, and is soooooo yum-ay! I don’t have a picture but plan on getting one to post next time I make this!

So easy so simple, I won’t even use bullet points!

Get yourself some Salsa Addiction

Put Chicken (I prefer bone in and skin on, that’s where all the flavor is) in a crock pot, pour some Salsa Addiction over the chicken, Turn the crock pot on let cook on low all day long while your slaving away at work or school or making the world a better place, When you get home you will have the most amazing chicken ever! I like to serve it over rice! mmmm mmmm goooood!

The picture below was using our Chipotle Roasted Garlic Salsa


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