Confessions of a Black Friday Virgin

So, I’ve never participated in Black Friday. Ever. No deal could possibly be worth the crowds and lines. I told a few people someone would have to be giving away a million dollars for me to sit somewhere for hours on end waiting for a store to open.

I have to first say, Im a bit saddened by this whole black friday thing, it beginning to look a lot like Christmas. It gets earlier and earlier every year. I remember when all the sales were just when the stores opened at their normal times. Then it was “were opening at 7am!” Then it went to 6am, then midnight, and now some at 9pm and 10pm on Thanksgiving day! I feel bad for the poor souls who have to leave their families and drag their over stuffed bellies to actually WORK on what should be a thankful Holiday. That being said.

Last night, I lost my virginity. I looked through the ads which I do every year just for the heck of it and saw a couple things that we could save some money on. This year there were 3 big ticket items we wanted to get for the kids, you know, the older they get, the more expensive the gifts. So we figured, what the heck, let’s give it a go!  Greg and I handed the children over to my mom (Thanks mom!) for a slumber party and we headed over the Toys R Us which was the first store to open at 9pm.

We knew when we got to Toys R Us we were after one thing! An iPod Touch 8gb, not on sale mind you, but with the purchase you got a $50 gift card. We could spend that $50 in Toys R us in the blink of an eye on other Christmas gifts.

When we arrived at Toys R Us, at ooooo 8:45 (LOL) we saw there was a line, no problem! I figured as much, but as we walked down the line we realized the line stretched all the way to HH Gregg at the opposite end of the shopping plaza. HOLY COW! so we hobbled to the back of the line.

We saw some friends on our way back of what seemed like a punishment. The line actually moved pretty fast after the store opened, letting in only 50 people at a time. We scooted our way up inch by inch for about an hour, having lovely conversations with the people around us, I knew this Black Friday thing was serious business, I didn’t realize how serious! Women (and men too) With Notebooks, maps of the stores, ads clipped out and taped to papers, times and stores mapped out down to the last minute and item of importance. Standing waiting then finally,  THE DOOR! As we approached we witnessed the Toys R Us lady at the door hand the last ticket for the item we wanted to the people in front of us! I wanted to scream “Nooooooooooooooooooo” in a deep slow motion voice like in the movies, but I held myself back. In hindsight my friends Ashley and Patti made it in before us, had I known they were giving tickets for that item I would of asked them to grab one for me!  We headed straight in the store through the winding and confusing aisle set-up to the electronics dept. hoping there was some mistake, and asking everyone in there if there were any left, only to be told no. Ok Plan B! We will check out the Nintendo DSi XL for Jesse, and then head to Target which is giving $40 Gift Cards for iPod Touch purchases. (I could spend $40 in Target in my sleep!) We grab a DSi XL for Jesse and they are giving  $20 gift card with the purchase, GREAT! We grab a case with extra pens etc. and head to the register. After checking out Greg realizes he didn’t get the $20 gift card and asks about it only to find out we got the wrong case to go with it so no $20 for us. FAIL. Deciding to not make a big deal out of it and get a mob mad at us, we move along and head to Target.

Arriving at Target 1 hour and 15 minutes before they opened thinking we were getting there in great time (amateurs) Targets line went from the “green side” all the way the length of the building, and down the ally between Target and Lowes, wrapping around to the back.  We ran into some friends and kinda scooted into line with them (damn, I hate when people do that!) and for the next hour and 15 minutes we goofed off, chatted, looked over the Target Ad, complained about our slow dinosaur phones and generally had a good time. As the store opened and the line moved we worked our way inside, ran straight to electronics to stand in another line (This one MUCH slower moving) this round we got smart and as I stood in line waiting for the iPod deal, Greg did some comparison shopping for the Camera we wanted for Kass and to see if the DSiXL was on a better deal here. By the time I got up to the register, ordered my iPod from the lady in the cage, Greg had a GREAT Camera for Kass at $100 off the price, an 8gb memory card, and a flash drive on sale for $9.99. We cashed our using our Target Debit Card for an extra 5% off our total (a little over $13) and we were done! We headed over to Starbucks for our celebratory and much needed coffee. We saved $153 and change and headed to the next destination, Kohls. When we walked out of Target (about an hour after we entered) The line still went around the corner! Wow!

Happy to drive up to Kohls and not see a line (they opened the same time as Target) we drove up and saw Tim and Michele again (wow they got through Target fast!) who informed us that the register line in Kohls wrapped all the way around the store. Deciding it just wasn’t worth it, we headed home! Whew!!

My first Black Friday adventure I realized something very valuable. It’s not the great deals, or the amazing discounts, because really, they aren’t that great or amazing. It’s the thrill of the chase, the not knowing if your going to get what you want, the thrill of waiting with 1000 of your closest friends, and figuring out the best way to get it, where to get it, and how to get it without getting mobbed.

Last night I lost my virginity, but much like my other virginity, it may never happen again


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